Grégory Renard, CEO, X Brain

Grégory Renard, CEO X Brain

As a former math professor and data scientist, Gregory is passionate about a connected world where universal access to information and knowledge frees people to achieve their full potential.

Gregory is a software « industrialization » architect working on supervised and unsupervised ML, deep learning, bot, personal assistant, connected things and voice/semantic search for over than 15 years.

Below, his track record of being early and setting the template for major technology trends :
– 1997 Social Networking : French Developers Community co-Founder, > 3 millions members.
– 1999 Dynamic WebSite: website creation industrialization.
– 2004 Dynamic WebApps : web apps creation industrialization.
– 2006 Artificial Intelligence : launched a 1st Personal Digital Assistant Industrialization Platform.
– 2009 Mobile Gaming : Game Studio with > 350M downloads & 1.4B Monthly Ad Impressions.
– 2010 Supply Chain industrialization : Interconnected supply chain solution without stock, supporting > $350M/Y revenue.
– 2011 Digital Architect Table : Multitouch Drafting Table for Architects & Designers.
– 2012 Virtual Assistant : launch of Angie, 1st French Personal Assistant (iOS, Android, WP).
– 2014 Artificial Intelligence : Car Personal Digital Assistant platform.
– 2015 Emotional AI : project.
– 2016 Customer Services Automation : mails, chatbots and VOIP AI customer services platform.

From 2006, Greg is convinced the Bot & Virtual Assistant are the new Apps and the Emotional AI is a next step through thought vectors !

He’s currently leading the xBrain Technical Team, which has created an easy to use AI cloud-based platform for next generation intelligent web and personal assistant developers. The xBrain platform supports natural communications with any object or device in the Internet of Things to enable simple applications which model human communication and intelligence.